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fresh ingredients

Fresh Ingredients Workshop

Welcome to the Fresh Ingredients Expressive Arts Workshops.
I have combined my experience as a nurse practitioner, professional artist and expressive arts educational facilitator to create workshops specifically designed to promote health of the body, mind and spirit.

These workshops are named “Fresh Ingredients” because they all have the following special ingredients: freedom of expression, thoughtful exercises, creativity, authenticity, fun and support.

The following are some frequently asked questions about expressive arts and the workshops:

What are expressive arts? It is a way of connecting with innermost feelings to promote healing.

What art forms are used? Movement, sound, drawing, painting, collage, dance, music, sculpture and expressive writing.

Is experience required? No art ability is needed. The only requirement is the willingness to explore feelings in an authentic way.

What is a benefit? It promotes the release of stress producing emotions resulting in a sense of well-being and relaxation. Research has shown that expressive arts have a positive impact on the immune system.

Who can benefit?
1) Individuals with illnesses or disabilities.
2) Couples desiring to improve communication.
3) Caregivers
4) Health Care Professionals and Healers.
5) Individuals seeking to better their health and discover their life’s purpose and
6) Anyone wanting to experience the joy of being fully alive.

What organizations could benefit? Hospitals, Businesses, Colleges and Universities, Non Profits, Holistic and Integrative Health Centers, Senior Centers, Psychotherapy Practices, Outpatient Clinics and Medical Practices.

What workshops are offered? We offer a variety of workshops. For example, Our “Lemons into Lemonade” workshop is specifically designed for individuals with chronic pain. “An apple a day” is for individuals with heart disease. For health care professionals, holistic practitioners and psychotherapist we offer a workshop entitled “Soup Du Jour.” Workshops can also be created to meet the needs of a group or organization.

What is the cost? Please contact Brenda Wilbert for further details.

Where are the workshops held?  Workshops are conducted on the site of a business or organization.

We strive to be environmentally conscious and use all non- toxic paints and supplies.

For additional information, contact Brenda Wilbert at [email protected] or 603 370-1742