Brenda Wilbert

When I start a piece, I make color choices that reflect my mood. I seldom visualize the ending but instead trust the process to unfold. In my mixed media pieces  I use a combination of watercolors, inks and metallic pens.  Sometimes I incorporate fabric and textured wallpaper. My use of dramatic colors defines my work. I love the passions of the reds and oranges, the healing benefits of the greens, and the magic of the golds and metallics. Through my use of colors, I attempt to convey optimism and the strength to persevere when dealing with life’s challenges.

Digital painting has become my latest medium. Sometimes I start with a photo of my artwork and transform it. I may combine two of my mixed media pieces together to create the image. I especially like to turn a portrait photo into a digital painting which captures the spirit and energy of the person. 

I am a self-taught artist, workshop presenter, and expressive arts facilitator. My artwork has been on display in galleries in NH and MA. I am a past president of the Manchester Artists Association, Manchester, NH, and currently a member of the Women’s Caucus for the Arts. I am a playwright who writes medical/educational plays that show the healing power of expressive arts. I am the producer of the Schoolhouse Players, a new theatre company in Concord, NH.